Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Sketchbook

My summer is super busy! On top of working two jobs and doing an internship, I have been drawing presents for people. To get ready for MICE, my first comics convention that I will be tabling at (yikes!) I have been working on inking my final project from my first year at the Center for Cartoon Studies. Luckily I will be tabling with Quintuple Ruffle, the comics collective that fellow CCS students and I have started. Hopefully they will help dispel my nervousness. Currently we have an anthology of queer erotic comics in the works, exciting! (on many levels) Check out the other members of Quintuple Ruffle: Allie Kleber, April Malig, Laurel Lynn Leake and Sasha Stienberg.

And here are some sketchbook pages for your amusement:

Portland, OR 2012 joyana mcdiarmid

Face shapes 2012 joyana mcdiarmid

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